Curriculum Content

Imperial Educational Technology is all about delivering classroom solutions, which is why we have created 103 new Lesson Profiles to help you deliver the National Curriculum. To make it easy for teachers to access these Profiles, we’ve produced a handy curriculum resource guide which contains all of our Imperial Educational Technology Lesson Profiles across all subjects for KS1 and KS2 and a fantastic A1 poster with a selection of our favorites. All you need to do is scan the QrKey in the booklet or on the poster to instantly add the Lesson Profile to your device.

Curriculum Educational Technology for Enhanced Learning System in Nigeria
Educational Curriculum in Nigeria


The new curriculum initiated considerable reorganization in the subject and so we’ve produced 9 Lesson Profiles; one for each year of Primary and added three more which include collections of Texts and eBooks for KS1, Lower KS2, and Upper KS3. Each of the Year based Lesson Profiles covers the specific Programme of Study for that cohort, for instance, the Yr 3 Lesson profile includes Writing Fiction, Writing Non-Fiction and Poetry, Vocabulary, Grammar and Punctuation and Spoken Language Tools.
We’ve also added Creative Categories to the Lesson Profiles with apps and stimulus material to encourage more extended project type work.