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Learn to Code, A Fun & Easy Way


We walk your kid through some really cool journeys and missions shaped in games, so each child can learn everything about coding while having fun by using visual blocks language.

Imperial Educational Technology can teach anyone coding. It starts with basic commands and teaches anyone the necessary coding concepts so that upon completion the learner is prepared to help meet the enormous demand for coders in the 21st Century business.

Learn Coding


With our coding platform, users learn the concepts of control. The knowledge and skills gained positions these learners in a more advantageous setting in the future as employees or entrepreneurs. The strongest feature with this Visual Programming language (VPL) language is that it can be exported to the most common scripting languages. Custom blocks can be added according to the needs of the application. Custom blocks can be added according to the needs of the application, imagine when preparing for a birthday party, students learn repeat loops, color and text sensors to Robo to solve math puzzle and collect and move object around

learn coding


From your Parent and teachers Dashboard, you can follow your child’s progress, manage your subscription, and share your child’s creations.Parents and teachers do not need even a basic understanding of computer science to enable their pupils to learn to code.
We are committed to playing their part in equipping the next generation with the skills they need to be successful business leaders. Coding is the lifeblood of every successful business in the modern world and the demand for literate coders will continue to grow

learn coding