Technology enabled assesments

Technology enabled assesments

Technology enabled assessment
There’s a famous adage I’ll paraphrase: In a classroom full of different animals, the exams measured the ability of the students to climb trees. Of course, the monkey came first, and the fish came last. If the examination was for swimming, however, we all know the fish would alternatively excel.

Standard tests don’t measure student performance! However, most institutions judge a student’ success on the basis of student performance on standardized achievement tests. The onus is therefore on Educators to find a way of assessing each student based on individual insights. They are looking for deep insights that gauge performance and inspire effort.
Student assessment is an important academic activity to evaluate individual student’s performance. Educators are seeking to understand how to use assessment tools not just to measure performance but also determine whether students are competent to handle the program of study in an effort to encourage students to pursue knowledge instead of grades.

Technology-enabled assessment helps educators to check student understanding and guide decision making to improve learning. Technology-enabled assessment system for testing, quizzing, polling, and student responses drastically reduces the time taken for assessment and evaluation and eliminates errors, while bringing transparency and reliability to the various assessment processes. It eliminates errors and inaccuracy of paper-based valuation hence reducing the workload of staff significantly.

Assessment tools manage all type of assessment activities at all stages, from course registration and question generation to processing of results and statistical reports on student performance. Most Commercially-available assessments are more likely to measure student understanding of facts and procedures than concepts and strategies. Our solution, however, allows you to: create various exam types, configure exam rules, generate exam invoice, manage venue and faculty availability, enter grades, process results and grade sheets.

How to effectively measure the effectiveness of your assessments? One can configure the criteria that must be present in the student’s work in any level including assignments, quizzes or tests. Automatic calculation of grades for the different assessment, types using rubric tools make the task easier and productive for teachers. They can automatically generate grade sheets or transcripts which allow students and parents to access from anywhere.

Customized reports with statistics and charts on assessment results showing automatically assigned ranks will help institutions sail through the assessment process. Powerful data-driven insights enable educators to analyze student performance and what they need to improve learning and teaching and establish norms for great educational leadership.

Now we can grade the fish, on swimming, differently than we grade the monkey on that same task.


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