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The ImperialEdTech Micro-Cloud Server is a self-contained, cloud-enabled e-Learning platform that simplifies the delivery of digitized content to schools, and everywhere. Irrespective of the constraints on internet connectivity and power, availability of technically skilled personnel, school location (urban or rural), or the specific student devices.

Access to the internet and digital technology helps students to succeed in education, in their future jobs, and in their lives. However, in many cases, schools are in challenging environments with a lack of adequate infrastructure and internet connectivity, and students don’t have access to more interactive classes with richer content and resources – leaving them at a huge disadvantage compared to those who have all the answers just a mouse-click-away.

ImperialEdTech Micro-Cloud Key Features


Plug-and-play micro-cloud solution with powerful tools and possibilities.


Wi-Fi Access Point functionality to allow easy connection to locally cached resources.

Digital Content

Access your digital content instantly from a local repository.

Internet Access

Manages your Internet Access by profile, giving the right permissions to students and teachers.

Internet Speed

Improve your internet speed by caching HTTP and HTTPS pages and prioritizing access by user profile.

Centralized Management

Manages content and configuration of hundreds of schools from a central location.

Any Environment

Works across all educational environments (urban, remote, private, and highly secure) regardless of location.

Compatible Devices

Compatible with any student device (notebooks, desktops, tablets, mobile phones, etc).
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ImperialEdTech Micro-Cloud is comprise of three major components


ImperialEdTech Micro-Cloud:

Millions of students can’t reach the global knowledge and resources that e-Learning can provide. The ImperialEdTech Micro-Cloud changes all that – anytime, anywhere.

ImperialEdTech Cloud Control:

ImperialEdTech Cloud Control is the leading cloud portal for the deployment and management of education micro clouds. It’s a powerful way to distribute content!

Learning Management System:

Most intuitive, user-friendly learning management system that augments teaching and learning, steers excellence, and provides continuous quality improvement for better insights.

ImperialEdTech Micro-Cloud Models

This can be deployed either as an appliance or as a software build for customer-provided servers that meet the required specifications.
micro cloud server

ImperialEdTech Micro-Cloud Classroom

Designed for classroom use
Accommodates up to 50 students
Battery backup (optional)

ImperialEdTech Micro-Cloud Hybrid

Designed for clusters of classrooms, or small schools
Additional network interfaces
Accommodates up to 200 students
LAN network interface (GbE)
Battery Backup (optional)

micro cloud server
cloud server

ImperialEdTech Micro-Cloud School

Designed for an entire school
LAN interface (GbE)
Accommodates up to 1,000 students

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