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Embrace Seamless Scanning and Engaging Teaching Experiences with the Rev Doc Cam

The Rev Doc Cam often referred to as “the teachers’ companion” is plug & play and requires no installation. It brings upgraded audio and video performance to the table and comes with free video software, which facilitates remote teaching, textbook sharing, experiments via video stream, painting lessons, and other physical demonstrations – just like being face-to-face.

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Experience What the Classroom Can Be.


From kindergarten to college teachers (and students), the REV Doc Cam products can help maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of online/in-class teaching.


REV Doc Cam product is an ideal solution for professionals to continue the video conferencing, collaboration, and communication unaffected in the new hybrid work model.


REV Doc Cam product is the easiest solution for any creator/designer/performer/artist who wants to present or Livestream their working progress.

High image quality

All Rev document cameras support 8-megapixel sensors from Sony, capable of ultra HD resolution, with exceptional image clarity and color reproduction.

Simple and intuitive to use

They are plug and play and require no additional training.

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Free software support

Software and add-ons further expand the capabilities of document cameras and provide useful presentation tools such as video recording, annotation, or on-the-fly image adjustments.

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