Eazi Learn

Eazi Learn Package

Eazi Learn is a customized solution that enables teachers, students and administrators to collaborate within a unified school structure leading to effective learning outcomes


Rev Doc Cam is your premier presentation tool. It offers an astonishing resolution up to 3264 x 2448 for capturing the tiniest details in any document majorly for teachers and administrators.

As a Professional Visual Presentation and Communication device, it is built to handle Real-time Image Capture, Webcam for Conference Calls, Distance Learning, and Remote Work.


Rev Micro-Cloud is a content distribution solution targeting cases where insufficient or no Internet connectivity will prevent the efficient use of Cloud-Based Solutions.

The Rev Micro-Cloud is a leading solution to dramatically simplify and manage the delivery of digital content, applications, and e-Learning capabilities to schools, regardless of infrastructure challenges or internet connectivity limitations.


Rev Laptops are durably built to serve the needs of students, teachers, and administrators.

With a long-lasting battery, pre-loaded educational content and applications, we continue to create a new pathway to expand and explore frontiers
in hardware engineering through pedagogical innovation.

Why Eazi Learn

We would agree that digital education enhances the learning experience of students by better engaging their attention and enabling them to grasp concepts more readily. It has changed the way education is imparted – a single query or doubt can be clarified in seconds online, and there are innumerable resources available for a child online that add to the classroom teachings.

It is highly recommended that digital education is embraced across the state for an improved learning experience. IET is stationed and tasked with making that dream a reality!

Tablets, laptops, computer labs, social media, virtual teachers, online coaching…the list is endless. A child in a big city has access to so much more than another in other regions.

Recently, there have been some initiatives taken by some organizations and the government to digitize less developed areas, by distributing tablets to students or providing access to a computer lab; but there’s still a long way to go…. Let’s lend a helping hand.

This is where WE come in!

IET having over a decade of experience in developing initiatives and executing multi-sectoral projects with technology as its core to drive social impact, spur economic growth and enhance skill development and knowledge transfer for nation building have come up with EAZI LEARN to enable a unified structure for an improved learning outcome.

Let us join hands and make the learning dream of every child a reality. By ensuring that every child in every school has access to digital education and to bring them at par with the rest of the country.

For content creation and visual presentation to an unlimited number of audiences. Contents created using our Doc Cam can be used in various forms but more especially shared among learners, colleagues, and administrators.

All contents created can be saved and stored in our Content Cloud Server enabling easy access based on appropriate permission with or without the use of the internet.

Our durably built devices with big battery and fast speed processors is available for easy access to contents stored on the Cloud Server.