The infrastructure you need
to achieve your vision

Building & developing innovative and sustainable solutions

Educational sector, Security, Healthcare, Government & Civil service, Finance, Labour etc.

An OEM Licensed Company

Our mission is to be the foremost OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and device manufacturer, manufacturing tablets, laptops, mobile devices, and components for global consumption. Our Production and Assembly line boasts of modern-day facilities and Research and Development to meet the global infrastructural and product standards.

We have established partnerships with world-renowned players in the industry and focused our technology on providing quality devices that fit the global environmental requirements such as durability, extended power supply/uptime, etc.

As an OEM company, our goal is to deliver the highest quality of products at the most affordable cost. Imperial Technology has vast knowledge in hardware designs and development, and we task ourselves with building and developing innovative and sustainable solutions designed to drive technology across a vast array of industries and sectors such as the Educational sector, Security, Healthcare, Government and Civil service, Finance, Labour, etc.

We aim is to bridge the digital divide across Africa by leveraging world standard technologies produced in Africa, thereby driving National and Continental Impact with our transformational technologies.

Original Equipment Manufacturer IN NIGERIA


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