Schooly Box

Unleash Learning Potential Anywhere with Schooly Box

Schooly Box, the all-in-one movable learning solution, empowers students in rural areas and communities lacking internet connectivity or electricity

The schooly box is an all-in-one movable box that aids learning anywhere. It is ideal for rural areas and communities with access to no internet connectivity or electricity. The schoolybox serves students in Elementary, Secondary, and Tertiary Institutions especially students in rural communities with little or no access to personalized learning. It also serves out-of-school children in remote areas.

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Picture & Sound Quality

Up to 100”, Full HD Resolution (1920×1080). 600 ANSI lumen, LED Illumination System (Up to 30,000 Hours) 1W + 1W Stereo Speakers.

Smart & Connectivity

WebOS3.5 UI, Internet Browser. Bluetooth Sound out (Sync. Controllable). Wireless Connection (iOS, Android). USB Playback (Movie, Music, Photo, and File Viewer). USB Type-C: Display, Charging (Thunderbolt 3 Compatible). HDMI/RJ45 (LAN).

Solar Panel

Dual 5v USB, 12v/19v Solar Controller. Laptop Connectors. Overcharge/Discharge/Auto Start. Genuine SunPower (22% efficiency) Solar cells. Highly portable, compact, and versatile. Superior performance in low light conditions. Service Life of Panels 10 years+

Technical Specifications

Peak Output: 5v/3A, 12v/5A, 19v/ 4.2A, DC Cable 20V/4.2A Size: Open/Packed: 1280/300 x485/485 x 6/26mm Weight : 2500g

Super Power Bank 300WAh Battery

93Ah/300W. High-performance Lithium-ion Grade ‘A’ Batteries. Multiple protection charge/discharge and overcharge/undercharge. 4 x USB output, 5v/2A to charge four devices simultaneously. Can charge most Laptops and Notebooks and most portable devices 5v-12v. Inbuilt dual plug 220V 300W/500W AC inverter. Recharges from mains (6 hours) or solar panel.

Content Cloud Server

The C3 is an eLearning solution specially designed to provide education cloud-type services to a school or classroom with limited, unreliable, or no Internet connection at all.

The C3, with its built-in local storage, automatically creates a wireless local micro cloud network in the classroom, giving local students full broadband speed access to educational websites, digital encyclopedias, and region-optimized MoE curriculum material, including ebooks and multimedia content.

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