Workforce Development: EdTech Aid For Long-Term Career Growth

Workforce Development: EdTech Aid For Long-Term Career Growth

Technology has turned into a crucial instrument for development. Educational technology, from online learning to mobile applications, has never been more important to performance support than it is now, both on the job, where it has immediate, real-time ramifications, and over time, as with online certification programs.

By automating long-term and short-term career development and planning, technology can also assist in bridging the skills gap. Enterprising employees are shifting their attention away from just completing the essential role-specific criteria of their employment, toward actively pursuing opportunities to advance their careers using predictive learning and analytics. As a result of this innovation in training, the workforce is projected to change.

Employers, too, have a significant role in igniting the fires of motivation, retention, and engagement. Research shows that career development sessions are vital in keeping employees motivated and engaged. However, the study discovered a considerable difference in communication views between engaged and disengaged employees.

What do the Statistics Say?

Did you know…?

42 per cent of employees say they get too little communication about career development and other topics that are crucial to their engagement.

Fifty-two per cent of employees indicated they would quit their present job for a better opportunity, and 44 per cent said they were actively looking for a new job.

More than 70% of employees who are at high risk of quitting their jobs desire to enhance their careers.

When it comes to picking a job, 87% of millennials value \”professional or career growth and development opportunities.\”

How can technology assist?

To stay up with the fast-paced changes and evolutions in the sector, technology allows for the faster acquisition of new abilities, allowing people to develop and progress their careers more effectively. Employees can continually develop existing abilities and learn new ones by incorporating learning into daily work situations, and they can proceed at their own speed or as their needs or objectives require.

\"WorkforceWorkforce Development: Microlearning

Microlearning applications, which are available on any device and at the precise moment of need, are a fantastic tool for providing on-the-job learning support and bridging the skills gap. Employees may choose appropriate training, whether it\’s to review safety measures or reacquaint themselves with a piece of equipment. Microlearning via mobile app distribution provides contextualized skills that employees may learn and apply instantly in the field, increasing long-term retention and understanding rates through its brief, repeating learning paradigm.

Rapid access to knowledge can enhance employee confidence before doing a job, but with apps, learners can also receive brief, bite-sized skill refreshers to remind them of useful information before performing a task, lowering risk and enhancing efficacy. Technology has the potential to transform training from reactive to proactive.

Technology has the potential to transform training from reactive to proactive: Automatic Career Guidance

Microlearning, when combined with a competent agency, can aid in steering the development of a long-term professional development plan. Once a learner has collaborated with their manager to define a career path within their organization, outlining the skills, steps, and certifications required to advance, they can automate that plan by breaking certification training down into micro-credentials, which divide larger tracks into smaller sessions that the employee can complete in shorter time frames.

Employees believe they are making consistent progress with this strategy, and they are able to take little steps every day toward their long-term goals. They can attend lessons whenever and wherever they choose, seamlessly integrating learning into their daily life. Gamification and social learning make training more entertaining and rewarding. These systems also offer self-assessments to help users recognize their own strengths and limitations in order to grow. The agency collects and analyzes all the data before delivering highly targeted online training that bridges knowledge, skill, and experience gaps and improves employee work performance.

Technology has enabled both employers and employees to contribute to the creation of a more efficient and productive workforce.

Are you an individual, a workforce development practitioner, or a tech developer interested in learning about new tools and strategies to have a bigger impact?

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