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Educational Technology In Nigeria

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Revolutionizing the Global Education

Transformation of schools and organizations with the latest technology solutions.

Committed to transformational values

Covering Industries from Education, Health, Government, Telecommunications and Financial Services.
Learning: Inculcate progressive educational technology into the mind-frame of students from a tender age and beyond.
Research: Pioneering the use of Educational Research in Health, Economic Development, Educational Sector, Statistics, and other fields
Training: Transforming education with hands-on and technology-based learning solutions from beginners, to advance training
Placement: Imperial Tech incorporate an AI-enabled recruitment platform that matches students’ strengths with universities

Educational Technology in Nigeria

Why choose us?

Approved OEM Licenced - Imperial Educational Technology helps build, deploy, maintain and plan your solutions. We build and assemble customed and tailored made tablets and devices for every use case, from education, health, security, transport, aviation, and other industries.
We pride ourselves in providing an unparalleled professional experience aimed at bridging the educational divide in institutions, corporate organization, and governmental boodies


Build and customize your devices today.

An OEM Licensed Company

Make or build devices and tablet, OEM partnerships in driving business value.

Top Technology Solution Provider

Delivering results for a diverse portfolio of industry-leading clients.

Years of Track Record

We are committed to consistently offering transformational values to organizations.

About Imperial Educational Technology


Imperial Educational Tech is a leading Education, Technology and Research organization aimed at leveraging Technology to drive innovation and impact at scale within different sectors for economic development and nation building. Through our vast years of experience, we have developed a growing passion and desire for the exposure and development of education in Africa through training, technology, and international educational exposure, thereby making us the one-stop-shop for educational development.


Drone Service in Nigeria


We offer Drones and Robotics Development for Health & Delivery, Agriculture, Construction, Oil & Gas, News, Media, and Emergency Reasons

Phones and Tablet building in Nigeria


We provide solutions to all your Hardware-related issues, including setup, maintenance, & management; Tablets and Mobile Devices

My Study Path


We incorporate a system of Student-University matching that matches students’ strengths with universities that focus on honing said strengths

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