Our Products

Cloud Servers

The ImperialEdTech Micro-Cloud Server is a self-contained, cloud-enabled e-Learning platform that simplifies the delivery of digitized content to schools, and everywhere. Irrespective of the constraints on internet connectivity and power, availability of technically skilled personnel, school location, or the specific student devices.

Lab Discs

The Labdisc portable lab opens the door to inquiry-based learning in a variety of science fields, including biology, chemistry, physics, environmental science, and geography. With our STEM science lab, take the science classroom anywhere. Labdisc helps students connect and engage with science from wherever they are.

Eazi Learn

Eazi Learn is a customized solution that enables teachers, students, and administrators to collaborate within a unified school structure leading to effective learning outcomes.


EBoard makes lessons more interactive, fun, and engaging for students. It also enables teachers to reach students in different ways and help structure their lessons with the help to make tasks like reviews and revisions more convenient because work is saved digitally and can be easily referred back to and edited.

Digital Learning Hub Pop Up School

Digital Learning Hub

The need of building school infrastructures in some regions is still a reality. Moreover, in some regions schools still lack spaces designed for the 21st-century learning environment, such as ICT Labs and flexible instructional spaces designed to engage learners in an immersive learning experience leveraged by technology.


The schoolybox is an all-in-one movable box that aids learning anywhere. It is ideal for rural areas and communities with access to no internet connectivity or electricity. The schoolybox serves students in Elementary, Secondary, and Tertiary Institutions especially students in rural communities with little or no access to personalized learning.